David Munrow (of the Early Music Consort) and Folk Music

David Munrow (1942-1976) was one of the most widely-known early music ‘personalities’ of the 1960s and 70s. This post describes how his interest in folk music and folk instruments started, and how this influenced his performances of medieval music. […]

Syntagma Musicum, the internationally famous Dutch early music group founded by Kees Otten

Syntagma Musicum, with a youthful René Jacobs

Following the demise of Muziekkring Obrecht, in 1961, and a brief return into his jazz roots, Dutch recorder pioneer Kees Otten was soon active in early music again, making a series of radio programmes, with his old friends, the Collettes, with vocal compositions from the […]

Account of the funeral of “magician” Frans Brüggen, in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam

Account of the funeral of the recorder player and conductor Frans Brüggen, in the Old Church in Amsterdam, 19 August 2014 […]

Farewell to Frans Brüggen (1934 – 2014), the most famous recorder player in the world

An appreciation of Frans Brüggen (1934 – 2014), the conductor and the most famous recorder player in the world, who died in August 2014. […]

Frans Brüggen: the early years (1942–1959), with his teacher Kees Otten

Frans Brüggen was about 8 years old when he got his first recorder lessons from his brother Hans. His next, and only, other teacher was Kees Otten, with whom he started playing professionally after he passed his exams. This post covers Brüggen’s early years, up to his first contact with Gustav Leonhardt. […]

Kees Otten, Dutch recorder pioneer

Dutch recorder virtuoso Kees Otten (1924–2008), was the teacher of Frans Brüggen and many others, and a musician of great importance for the emancipation of the recorder in Holland, its acceptance as a serious instrument, and the establishment of historically informed performance practice. […]

Early Dolmetsch family recordings on CD

The Dolmetsch Family with Diana Poulton: Pioneer Early Music Recordings, volume 1 is an important historical document for anyone who’s interested in two generations of early music pioneers who were active before the Leonhardt/Harnoncourt era even began. […]

Arnold Dolmetsch remembered

Arnold Dolmetsch remembered, by his wife, Mabel. A blog post on this book, from 1957, highlighting aspects of the life of this great “early music” pioneer. […]

Arnold Dolmetsch – the greatest early music pioneer of the 20th century?

Arnold Dolmetsch with his family in 1932.

Reproduced by kind permission of the University of Melbourne, [Percy] Grainger Museum. For full details see here.

I mentioned in my last post that Mary Potts is remembered only in her obituaries, the most complete of which was published in The Bulletin, the house journal of the […]