Gustav Leonhardt & Martin Skowroneck – Making harpsichord history

The harpsichord, based on Dulcken 1745, which Martin Skowroneck built in 1962 for Gustav Leonhardt was an important milestone in the early music revival. This article covers their first meeting and Skowroneck’s earlier work which led him to make this game-changing instrument. [...]

Muziekkring Obrecht – the first Dutch ensemble for medieval & Renaissance music


Kees Otten, Dutch recorder pioneer

Dutch recorder virtuoso Kees Otten (1924–2008), was the teacher of Frans Brüggen and many others, and a musician of great importance for the emancipation of the recorder in Holland, its acceptance as a serious instrument, and the establishment of historically informed performance practice. [...]

The funeral of Gustav Leonhardt, 24 January 2012: a short report for those who could not attend.

The funeral of Gustav Leonhardt, 24 January 2012: a short report for those who could not attend. [...]

Charles Thornton Lofthouse, the first person to play a harpsichord in the Royal Albert Hall

The fascinating musical life of Charles Thornton Lofthouse, a piano student of Alfred Cortot and a noted continuo player who taught the harpsichord at the Royal College of Music from 1934. [...]

The forgotten Father Smith organ at the Bishop’s Palace in County Durham (England)

Description and history of a seemingly “forgotten” organ by Bernard “Father” Smith, the organ-builder superstar of the seventeenth century, which includes 4 complete pieces played on the original 1688 stops. [...]

Diana Poulton, pioneer lutenist & Dowland expert – the biography

An introduction to the fascinating life of Diana Poulton who was an early music pioneer, lutenist, editor, and biographer of John Dowland. Poulton studied with Arnold Dolmetsch, extensively researched early sources herself and taught several generations of lutenists, many of whom have since become internationally famous. [...]

Alfred Deller, Leonhardt & the Harnoncourts: the first recording

Alfred Deller, the Leonhardts & the Harnoncourts: their first ground-breaking recording made on original instruments in Vienna in May 1954. With details of the historical organ used, an excerpt from the record and a link to a 1952 Dutch radio recording. [...]

Christophe Rousset plays at Edinburgh’s harpsichord treasure trove

French harpsichord virtuoso Christophe Rousset plays on no fewer than six of the historical harpsichords from Edinburgh’s Raymond Russell Collection in a series of three concerts, given as part of the Edinburgh International Festival [...]

Early Dolmetsch family recordings on CD

The Dolmetsch Family with Diana Poulton: Pioneer Early Music Recordings, volume 1 is an important historical document for anyone who’s interested in two generations of early music pioneers who were active before the Leonhardt/Harnoncourt era even began. [...]