A pioneer of the British lute revival, now aged 94, recalls his early days

Apart from making instruments such as the Renaissance guitar, vihuela, cittern, orpharion, French mandore, viola de mano and bandora (including one for James Tyler), and playing all of the above, Donald Gill also wrote two small books and contributed authoritative articles to the Galpin Society Journal, the Lute Society Journal and Grove. […]

Arnold Dolmetsch remembered

Arnold Dolmetsch remembered, by his wife, Mabel. A blog post on this book, from 1957, highlighting aspects of the life of this great “early music” pioneer. […]

Arnold Dolmetsch – the greatest early music pioneer of the 20th century?

Arnold Dolmetsch with his family in 1932.

Reproduced by kind permission of the University of Melbourne, [Percy] Grainger Museum. For full details see here.

I mentioned in my last post that Mary Potts is remembered only in her obituaries, the most complete of which was published in The Bulletin, the house journal of the […]