Desmond Dupré, lutenist to Alfred Deller, and much more besides.

Desmond Dupré taught himself to play the lute and viola da gamba at a time when players of both were scarce. He worked with i.a. Thurston Dart, Raymond Leppard, David Munrow and, from 1947 until his death, Alfred Deller. He played in more than a dozen groups, such as Musica Reservata, the Jaye Consort and the London Consort of Viols, took part in many ad hoc ensembles, and regularly playing obligato parts in Bach’s Passions. […]

Alfred Deller, 100 years on, and what a lot has changed.

Alfred Deller was born on May 31, 1912 in the seaside town of Margate, in Kent, England and died on July 16, 1979 while on holiday in Bologna, Italy.

Alfred Deller can truly be called a pioneer of early music, developing his own voice and taking it to the public sphere in […]