Alfred Deller, Leonhardt & the Harnoncourts: the first recording

Alfred Deller, the Leonhardts & the Harnoncourts: their first ground-breaking recording made on original instruments in Vienna in May 1954. With details of the historical organ used, an excerpt from the record and a link to a 1952 Dutch radio recording. […]

Gustav Leonhardt symposium report, Utrecht, August 2012.

Report on the Gustav Leonhardt symposium August 2012 by Jed Wentz. This famous baroque-music pioneer was honoured by his peers with performances and papers. […]

Baroque orchestra, La Petite Bande, loses vital funding

Despite having amassed almost twenty thousand signatures on an internet-based petition, Sigiswald Kuijken’s baroque orchestra, La Petite Bande, has been definitively told that it will receive no more money from the Belgian government. […]

Alfred Deller, 100 years on, and what a lot has changed.

Alfred Deller was born on May 31, 1912 in the seaside town of Margate, in Kent, England and died on July 16, 1979 while on holiday in Bologna, Italy.

Alfred Deller can truly be called a pioneer of early music, developing his own voice and taking it to the public sphere in […]

Frans Brüggen on Gustav Leonhardt

This is a translated extract from a 1971 interview, in which Frans Brüggen was asked to explain the “phenomenon Gustav Leonhardt”. It also includes details of a very extensive tribute by an eminent former student and some interesting links relating to Chronik der Anna Magdalena Bach (including an interview with Leonhardt himself) . […]

In Early Music, how famous is “famous enough”?

Following on from my last post on Mary Potts, the forgotten harpsichord teacher of many, including Christopher Hogwood and Colin Tilney (who, like Professor Peter Williams, went on to study with Gustav Leonhardt), I’ve been looking into who else, from Mary’s circle, is remembered – or not. […]

“A Long and Beautiful Life”: A tribute to Gustav Leonhardt by Ton Koopman

“A Beautiful Life”: A tribute to Gustav Leonhardt by Ton Koopman […]

Gustav Leonhardt (1928–2012), the end of an era

Gustav Leonhardt in 1972

It’s so sad that Gustav Leonhardt is no more.

I first heard him, partnered by Frans Brüggen in a concert in St Albans. Since then, I’ve seen him many times and, apart from the extraordinary playing, have often been struck by the fact that he mostly used his own […]