Remembering David Munrow (1942-76)

The composer, Professor Peter Dickinson, remembers the charismatic early music pioneer and recorder virtuoso David Munrow, for whom he wrote new works. […]

David Munrow (of the Early Music Consort) and Folk Music

David Munrow (1942-1976) was one of the most widely-known early music ‘personalities’ of the 1960s and 70s. This post describes how his interest in folk music and folk instruments started, and how this influenced his performances of medieval music. […]

In Early Music, how famous is “famous enough”?

Following on from my last post on Mary Potts, the forgotten harpsichord teacher of many, including Christopher Hogwood and Colin Tilney (who, like Professor Peter Williams, went on to study with Gustav Leonhardt), I’ve been looking into who else, from Mary’s circle, is remembered – or not. […]