The Leonhardt Consort – The second phase 1955 – 1972, Part 2


The Leonhardt Consort – The second phase 1955 – 1972, Part 1


Ina Lohr (1903 – 1983), a forgotten Dutch/Swiss zealot of early music

In 1933, with Paul Sacher and others, Ina Lohr founded the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, creating the first teaching and research institute for early music in the world. She was responsible for the curriculum, taught most of the theoretical subjects and, during her 30 years at the SCB, influenced many musicians, most notably Gustav Leonhardt. […]

Back-to-back Christmas Bach in Amsterdam

Christmas concert-going in Amsterdam […]

How famous is Scott Ross for playing the harpsichord, 25 years on?


Syntagma Musicum, the internationally famous Dutch early music group founded by Kees Otten


Farewell to Christopher Hogwood (1941–2014), harpsichordist, conductor and early music pioneer


Account of the funeral of “magician” Frans Brüggen, in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam

Account of the funeral of the recorder player and conductor Frans Brüggen, in the Old Church in Amsterdam, 19 August 2014 […]

Farewell to Frans Brüggen (1934 – 2014), the most famous recorder player in the world

An appreciation of Frans Brüggen (1934 – 2014), the conductor and the most famous recorder player in the world, who died in August 2014. […]

The Leonhardt Consort: the early days – with recorder pioneer Kees Otten

The first version of the Leonhardt Consort (est. 1954), with harpsichord, recorders and strings, is very little known, and finding information has been difficult. Yet this short-lived co-operation with the then well-known recorder virtuoso Kees Otten undoubedly helped Leonhardt’s reputation. With rare photos and translated extracts of an interview with Otten, on Leonhardt’s approach and their concerts with Alfred Deller. […]